Investing the Stoic Way!

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I have been keenly following Stoicism for the past 3 years. And it has positively affected my life in many ways such as my relationships, my outlook on life, my career, my personal growth, and my financial life.

The greatest impact of Stoicism has been on my financial life though!

If you do not already know what Stoicism is, here are the top three aspects I learned from Ryan Holiday:

  1. Objective Judgment, now at this very moment;

  2. Unselfish Action, now at this very moment;

  3. Willing Acceptance, now at this very moment

    of all the external events.

Above all, Stoicism has taught me to let go of things that I do not have control of.

And my investing life has had the greatest impact on this way of thinking. Doing this has allowed me to have greater control over my emotions. It has helped me discover certain investing themes which I would not have otherwise discovered. And I would like to share this with the world.

What can you expect from this newsletter?

My mission with this newsletter is to help 10000 small investors achieve greater financial and investing success.

I would like to start the newsletters with the fundamentals of investing and move onto specific companies, stocks, ETFs you may consider buying. So, you can expect:

  • Education on the fundamentals of investing and stock markets

  • Specific stocks and ETFs that you may consider investing (not financial advice!)

  • Stoicism in investing

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PS: I am not a financial advisor. Investing in the stock market is risky and you may lose your capital. Please consult your financial advisor for any professional advice.